domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

Siniestro Total - Asi Empiezan Las Peleas - 1997

Siniestro Total were one of the most known and succesful Spanish rock bands during the 80's and 90's, the band was formed in Vigo(Spain) in 1981. But more important to know is that they were one of the best early 80's Spanish punk bands. Maybe it's because of their later works (and the low esteem they seem to suffer, or enjoy, from many punkers in Spain) that they didn't became so known outside of the Spanish speaking world, but their early output is great and much recommended.


1 Ay Dolores
2 Camino de la cama
3 Y Yo me callo
4 Cuenca Minera
5 Oye nena yo soy un Artista
6 La sociedad es la culpable
7 Todo por la napia
8 Gusanos en tu alcoba
9 Vamos muy bien
10 Al fondo a la derecha
11 Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll
12 Cuanta puta y yo que viejo
13 Miña Terra Galega
14 Matar hipies en las Cies
15 Ayatollah
16 Bailaré sobre tu tumba
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