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Eskorbuto - Jodiendolo Todo - 1983

Eskorbuto was a Basque punk rock band from Santurtzi (Greater Bilbao, Basque Country) which formed in 1980. They have been one of the most influential bands for Spanish punk. They are known for their strong attitude and crude lyrics. They were one of the first bands to perform punk with lyrics in Spanish. Eskorbuto is a modified word taken from escorbuto (scurvy in Spanish). Along with the band La Polla Records, Eskorbuto has been very influential in the Spanish rock and punk scene.

1. Maldito Pais
2.Escupe A Las Banderas
3.A La Mierda Ya
4.Oh No! (Policia En Accion)
5.Mierda, Mierda, Mierda
6.El Exterminio De La Raza Del Mono
7.Mucha Policia Poca Diversion
8.Ratas Rabiosas
9.La Increible Vida De Un Ser Vulgar
10.Sociedad Insociable
11.Mi Degeneracion
12.Enterrado Vivo
13.Os Engañan
14.E.T.A. (Censurada)
15. E.T.A. (Sin Censura)

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