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La Polla Records - Banco Vaticano (Maqueta) - 1981

La Polla Records is a Basque punk rock band. La Polla Records was formed in 1979 in Agurain, a small town in the Basque Country. Its founders were Evaristo Páramos, Maleguin, Txarly and Sume.
In 1981, they recorded an EP under the indie label Oihuka called Y ahora qué? ("So now what?"). It had four songs. In 1984, La Polla Records released their first album called Salve. The lyrics harshly criticized fascism, capitalism, and catholicism.
The following years they recorded Revolución. In this album Abel replaced Maleguin on the bass. They later released more albums: No somos nada and En directo (recorded live) as well as Ellos dicen mierda, nosotros amén("They say shit, we say Amen"), Los jubilados, Barman, Negro and Hoy es el futuro.
In 1991, due to some issues with a former band member, a tribunal forbade their use of the name La Polla Records. The band ignored the sentence and released Bajo presión under the forbidden name. In 1996, however, they changed their name and simply became La Polla. Under this new name they released Carne para la picadora.
In 2002 La Polla were still actively playing when, quite suddenly, Fernandito died of a heart attack on September 3. The band cancelled the remaining concerts of the tour. After the loss of their drummer they released their last album: El último (el) de la Polla (literally, "La Polla's last").
La Polla Records was a band that was known as a symbol of rebellion against everything, to the point of them being called "anti-everything". As a result of this they faced several major obstacles throughout their career, primarily threats and repression. The band members even faced jail time during a fiasco with Eskorbuto, another Spanish band.
After La Polla Records were disbanded, Evaristo Paramos (vocals) released a book named "Por los Hijos lo que sea" where he told stories and anecdotes that told many of the same messages as his songs. Evaristo continued his musical career with bands such as The Kagas, The Meas and Gatillazo.

1. La muerte te ama (M) (4:56)
2. Muévete (M) (2:45)
3. Y ahora qué? (M) (2:21)
4. Pepe (M) (3:32)
5. Nací sin carnet (M) (2:22)
6. Juanito Tergal (M) (3:06)
7. El fin del mundo (M) (2:07)
8. Banco Vaticano (M) (3:44)
9. Hey, hey, hey (M) (2:04)
10. R'n'R (M) (0:59)
11. Poder (M) (2:54)
12. Diez perritos (M) (2:39)

Total Playing Time: 33:35 (min:sec)
Total Size : 30.8 MB (32,264,192 bytes)

Password: punxunidos

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