martes, 24 de noviembre de 2009

Fiskales Ad Hok - 12 - 2009

Fiskales Ad Hok is one of the first chilean punk rock band formed in1986. In those days punk rock couldn't develop in some south american countries because of the military governments (they didn't accept foreign influences and rebel music). During the 90's they were well known in the latin punk rock scene, so in 1992 the band supported The Ramones in Santiago.

Track List
1. Aspirar [The Ramones] (1:22)
2. Linchen al dueño [Dead Kennedys] (2:08)
3. Nueva Rosa [The Damned] (2:31)
4. Colgado en el telefono [Blondie] (2:08)
5. Pet Cementerio [The Ramones] (3:04)
6. Angel fuck [The Misfits] (1:22)
7. Conoce tus derechos [The Clash] (3:01)
8. Siempre me enamoro [Buzzcocks] (2:24)
9. Puertas de fierro [Devo] (3:21)
10. Pendejear [The Undertones] (2:11)
11. Vacaciones en el Sol [Sex Pistols] (3:12)
12. Ofertas de trabajo [The Clash] (1:56)

Total Playing Time: 28:45 (min:sec)
Total Size : 32.9 MB (34,532,877 bytes)
Password: punxunidos

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