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Ratos De Porão - Feijoada Acidente? International - 1995

Ratos de Porão (Portuguese for "Basement Rats") is a Brazilian crossover thrash band from São Paulo. They have been around since 1980, toured South America, North America, and Europe and still continue to play today.
Lead singer João Benedan (better known as João Gordo) is a well-known VJ on MTV Brasil, but now, he works at Rede Record in a TV Show callaed: "Legendários" (Lengendaries).
After the depart of Jabá, the band had a lot of bass players and the band entered in studio to record an album only with punk and hardcore covers called Feijoada Acidente?, a joke with the Guns N' Roses album "The Spaghetti Incident?" (Feijoada is a traditional food from Brazil, a stew based on beans and pork). This album has two versions; one covering only Brazilian bands such as Olho Seco, Lobotomia, Garotos Podres, among others; and one covering only non-Brazilian bands such as G.B.H., Black Flag, Anti-Cimex, Minor threat, among others. Between those times, played bass Walter Bart (who used to play in a punk band called "Não Religião") and "Pica Pau", who stayed in the band until 1999.
As an album of "come back" times to hardcore and Portuguese lyrics, they released in 1997, the album Carniceria Tropical, and the band came back to the "success" that they had. In same year, João Gordo started to work as VJ of MTV Brasil.
In 1999 joined the band, the bassist Cristian "Fralda", who used to play in the punk rock band "Blind Pigs", and they entered in studio to re-record their first album, and called this album Sistemados Pelo Crucifa (an joke-anacronism with the original name "Crucificados Pelo Sistema"). The front cover was designed by the Korzus bass player Dick.

Track List
1. fuck off and die (1:53)
2. private affair (2:00)
3. pure hate (1:39)
4. servizio militare (2:45)
5. big woman (1:44)
6. bad guy reaction (2:06)
7. police story (1:31)
8. sprackta snutskaltallar (0:43)
9. raped ass (1:06)
10. red tape (0:52)
11. suspect device (2:05)
12. mucha policia (1:42)
13. in my eyes (2:52)
14. aloah, Steve and Danno (3:32)
15. kitaat on natisisikoja (0:57)
16. rajoitettu ydinsota (1:07)
17. yeah yeah yeah (1:18)
18. insight (1:44)
19. 1983 (1:12)
20. catholic boy (2:46)
21. out of order (3:34)

Total Playing Time: 39:17 (min:sec)
Total Size : 54.0 MB (56,632,859 bytes)
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