lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

V.A. - Never Mind The Sex Pistols Here's The Tribute - 2000

Gran tributo a una de las mejores bandas punk como son los Sex Pistols a cargo de bandas como The Booked, Submachine, I.C.U., Total Chaos, Blanks 77, The Boils, Road Rage, Murphy's Law, Lower Class Brats, The Krays entre otros, si aun no conocen a estas bandas esta es una buena forma de hacerlo.

Track List
1. Holidays in the Sun (The Booked) (2:47)
2. Bodies (L.E.S. Stitches) (2:38)
3. No Feelings (Generators) (2:38)
4. Liar (Submachine) (2:13)
5. Problems (Krays) (3:45)
6. God Save the Queen (I.C.U) (3:04)
7. Seventeen (Total Chaos) (1:56)
8. Anarchy in the U.K. (Blanks 77) (3:28)
9. Submission (The Boils) (2:53)
10. Pretty Vacant (The Ducky Boys) (3:10)
11. New York (Murphy's Law) (2:51)
12. E.M.I. (Road Rage) (2:47)
13. Belsen Was a Gas (The Lower Class Brats) (2:04)
14. I Wanna Be Me (Malefactors) (2:44)
15. Satellite (Billy Club) (3:42)
16. Friggin' in the Riggin' (Showcase Showdown) (3:23)
17. Great Rock & Roll Swindle (Henbane, Niblick) (3:50)

Total Playing Time: 49:59 (min:sec)
Total Size : 45.9 MB (48,171,764 bytes)
Password: punxunidos

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CRis Rosales - Este desastre lo hago yo! dijo...

Debo agradecerte por la cantidad de discos que vas subiendo, anduve revolviendo bastante y saqué varios!!

Y let's go Punk rock!

Lobotomy dijo...

Y yo debo agradecer tu visita y tus comentarios. que bueno que hayas bajado varios discos.

Bienvenida al blog
Let's go punk rock !!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube dijo...

Hey you got some good posts lately but like always right? I mix you up with el mundo punk blog with 5150-5150 (future of punk I think)was looking at your latest comment above and I don't know your language but I hope you blog doesn't go belly up...Peace Out and Thank You

Lobotomy dijo...

Hi mate,

I told you that I will not have enough time to post oftenly, because I'm working out of my city, maybe 'til august or september. But I want to continue with this blog, just patience.