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Konflikt - Mea Culpa - 1999

Konflikt was founded in April 1990 (Slovakia) under the name 'Azyl'. The band was getting more known in the year of 1992 when they renamed themselves to 'Konflikt A' and after releasing their first album 'Taki sme' they began to be more and more acknowledged. This album made the band famous and gave them opportunities to appear in the media ('Anti nazi' won twice the Czechoslovak rock charts and remained 13 weeks in the top 20 with their other song 'Syn ulice') . The song 'Preèo?' (Why?) (about the separation of Czechoslovakia and blames Meèiar for it) haven't had such 'luck' in the medias. The band encounters a great surprise on a weekend in april 2007, while travelling to gig, they recieve a phone call about being selected in 2 categories of AUREL (Slovakian Grammy) in "The best album-cover of the year", and "The best album of the year" HARD/HEAVY/PUNK-ROCK categories. Nobody guessed this, for Konflikt has never participated in any contest before, the have been playing music for another cause. Anyway this fact hasn't changed anything, Konflikt plays on on every weekend in the clubs of Europe, on the 7th of July 2007 had it's no. 800 gig, and rolls on for that's what makes sense!

Track List
1. Stat spokojnosti (3:09)
2. Moje mesto (2:36)
3. Cierna doba(Fuck Off HZDS) (2:43)
4. Nechcem s vami zit (2:59)
5. Junior (2:45)
6. No Army (2:31)
7. kozuch (3:15)
8. Zelena (3:26)
9. Skvele Casy (3:42)
10. Utok (3:18)
11. Toxicka smrt (3:25)
12. Sloboda (4:58)

Total Playing Time: 38:51 (min:sec)
Total Size : 53.4 MB (55,987,749 bytes)
Password: punxunidos
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