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Ne Luumäet - Ne Luumäet - 1986

You are about to enter a time warp, a space-time discontinuity in which the Ramones are translated into the frozen north and reincarnated as Ne Luumaet, singing the same irresistibly simple 4:4 punk rock music with Finnish lyrics. Ne Luumaet are a four piece band with Kaide Luumaki on drums, Pete Luumaki on bass and backing vocals, Joey Luumaki on lead vocals and Heko Luumaki on guitar. Heko and Pete look similar, and never appear at any band event not wearing matching T shirts. They'll even change shirts when they come out for an encore so that they still match. They've got four lps out, the first titled Ne Luumaet and featuring cover art that could be Rocket To Russia. The songs on that one were Ramones covers with lyrics translated into Finnish in a way that put a new twist on the original stories. After this were three more lps, Verta Ja Luita (Blood and Bones), Laki Ja Jarjestys (Law and Order), and Pahat Ja Rumat (The Bad and The Ugly). These last three are all originals, but the concept hasn't changed since the first one. They have song titles that translate into things like "Lena Is A Glue Sniffer", "Heli Was The Most Beautiful Girl In Nevada", "The Motorbike Club Of Texas" and so on. The last two lps were released on Finnish major label Poko and are truly great records both. Verta Ja Luita and the Ramones covers records are now available together on one CD, and they're quite good but haven't got the production together as well as the other two. There's also a live Ramones covers lp (called It's Alive, of course), but don't bother trying to find it because it was limited to 1,000 copies, all long gone.

Track List
1. Sam pani kai jotain juomaani (3:14)
2. Oi oi en jättää sua voi (1:47)
3. Kretiinit lentää (1:56)
4. Siinä on punk kari (2:25)
5. Mä haluun rauhoittua (2:34)
6. Sussu on pääntakoja (2:00)
7. Naulapää (2:40)
8. Lumiukko bop (2:02)
9. Pamauta pentua (2:27)
10. Nuori vihannes (1:57)
11. Hiekkaa hietarannan (2:02)
12. Kommari (1:44)
13. Mä en haluu enää nähdä sua (1:30)
14. Maailman valloitus (1:51)

Total Playing Time: 30:14 (min:sec)
Total Size : 40.7 MB (42,628,088 bytes)

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