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Nos Mudamos - We Move

Hola a todos, les informo que debido a problemas con blogger he decidido terminar con este blog, pero continuaré en otro blog, la nueva direccion es:
Gracias a todos.

Hi everybody, I just wanna tell you that because of some problems with blogger I decided to finish with this blog, but I'll continue in other web, the new one is:
Thanx everybody.

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Negative Approach - Total Recall - 1992

Negative Approach is an American hardcore punk band, formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1981. The band is considered among of the pioneers of hardcore punk, particularly in the Midwest region.Like most hardcore bands, Negative Approach was little known in its day outside of its hometown. It is now idolized in the Detroit rock underground and the punk subculture, considered to be one of the elite bands of the "old school" era, and continues to be influential. Negative Approach initially broke up in 1983 with singer John Brannon moving onto Laughing Hyenas, and later Easy Action, but the band has reformed as of 2006 and continues to tour sporadically.

Track List
1. Lost Cause (0:40)
2. Can't Tell No One (1:24)
3. Sick Of Talk (0:34)
4. Pressure (0:14)
5. Why Be Something That You're Not (0:40)
6. Nothing (1:51)
7. Fair Warning (0:37)
8. Ready To Fight (1:02)
9. Lead Song (1:24)
10. Whatever I Do (0:57)
11. Negative Approach (0:53)
12. Tied Down (1:33)
13. Hypocrite (1:47)
14. Evacuate (2:34)
15. Said And Done (0:49)
16. Nothing (2:19)
17. Your Mistake (1:47)
18. Live Your Life (1:06)
19. Friend Or Foe (1:11)
20. Dead Stop (2:40)
21. I'll Survive (1:00)
22. Can't Tell No One (1:19)
23. Whatever I Do (0:56)
24. Ready To Fight (1:04)
25. Chaos (1:32)
26. Pressure/Fair Warning (0:48)
27. Lost Cause (0:42)
28. Genocide/Nothing (3:38)
29. Never Surrender (1:30)
30. D.A.B.F. (0:45)
31. Said And Done (0:59)
32. Sick Of Talk/Negative Approach (1:20)
33. Your Mistake (1:46)
34. Tied Down (1:33)
35. I'll Survive (1:01)
36. Kiss Me Kill Me (1:37)
37. I Got A Right (2:45)
38. Tunnel Vision (3:17)

Total Playing Time: 53:54 (min:sec)
Total Size : 61.8 MB (64,796,246 bytes)
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Doble Fuerza - Otra Vuelta De Cerveza - DVD

Para los que les gusta esta buena banda, ahi tienen un concierto por sus 20 años que incluye un documental.

13) TE AMO
20) ELLA
22) SOLA

Gracias a Wmacanudo por el video!!

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Doble Fuerza - Pibes De Barrio - 1995

Doble Fuerza is a punk rock band formed in Quilmes (Argentina) in 1987. Their music was influenced by street punk bands so in the early years some boneheads used to go to the shows, but they were ejected from the shows ;the band never was involved in fascist groups.
In 1995 Doble Fuerza launched their first album called "Pibes de barrio", in 1995 they supported The Ramones in Obras Stadium, and in 1997 the band started Die Toten Hosen's show.

Track List
1. Sigo Siendo El Mismo (2:43)
2. Morir De Amor (3:48)
3. Disturbios (3:29)
4. Tito, El Apestoso (3:30)
5. Vuelvo A Ser Feliz (3:48)
6. Falsa Humanidad (4:37)
7. Pibe De Barrio (3:32)
8. Monika (2:55)
9. Futbol (3:06)
10. No Seas Boton (3:56)
11. Ya No Salgo Con Vos (3:02)
12. Yo No Entiendo Por Que (3:19)
13. Bonus Track (4:51)

Total Playing Time: 46:42 (min:sec)
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UK Subs - Live At The Beat Club - 1982

Gran concierto de los UK subs en Alemania, quiza con la mejor alineacion de su historia en una buena epoca del punk, a poguear!

01) Self Destruct
02) War Of The Roses
03) Police State
04) Emotional Blackmail
05) The Holy Land
07) Warhead
08) Left For Dead
09) Endangered Species
10) Enemy Awaits
11) Crash Course
12) You Don't Belong
13) No Heart
14) Tomorrows Girls
15) I Live In A Car
16) C.I.D.
17) Stranglehold
18) New Barbarians

Gracias a Punk Friction por el video.
Importante: Para poder unir el video necesitan el HJ Split.


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U.K. Subs - Live And Loud !! - 2005

Los UK Subs son una banda formada en inglaterra en 1976 al principio bajo el nombre de Subversives con Charlie Harper en voz, Nicky Garrat en guitarra, Paul Slack en bajo, y Pete Davis en bateria. La banda ha cambiado de guitarrista, bajista y baterista muchas veces, aproximadamente 19 guitarristas, 20 bajistas y 30 bateristas.
Entre sus temas mas conocidos en la escena punk estan Stranglehold, Warhead, Tomorrow's Girls, Teenage, entre otros.

Los Uk subs tocaron en John Peel Sessions en 1977 y en BBC Radio 1 en 1978, firmaron un contrato con GEM Records y sacaron en 1979 su primer disco llamado Another Kind Of Blues.

Con la llegada del nuevo bajista Alvin Gibbs y el baterista Steve Roberts a principios de 1980, los temas de esta etapa fueron mas influenciados por una onda mas heavy metal. En julio de 1982 ellos se convirtieron en la primera banda oriental en tocar en Polonia desde la imposicion de la ley marcial, el concierto se realizo en la ciudad de Gdansk. En 1991 los UK subs llegaron a contar con la presencia de Lars Frederiksen (Rancid) en guitarra para la gira en el Reino Unido por los 30 años de la banda.

Algo peculiar de la banda, fuera de lo de la gran cantidad de integrantes que pasaron por ella es que sus discos oficiales siguen una secuencia alfabetica: Another Kind of Blues (1979), Brand New Age (1980), Crash Course LIVE ALBUM (1980), Diminished Responsibility (1981)...Work In Progress (realizandose en el verano de 2010).

Track List
1. Emotional Blackmail (2:28)
2. Endangered Species (2:56)
3. I Robot (2:10)
4. New York State Police (1:48)
5. Streets On Fire (1:29)
6. Captain Scarlet (1:13)
7. SK8 Tough (2:06)
8. She's Not There (1:40)
9. Warhead (4:17)
10. Rockers (4:06)
11. You Don't Belong (2:48)
12. Cid (1:48)
13. Stranglehold (1:51)
14. Tomorrow Girls (2:04)
15. Thunderbird Wine (2:35)
16. I Couldn't Be You (1:55)
17. I Live In A Car (1:12)
18. New Barbarians (3:12)
19. Limo Life (2:58)
20. Kicks (1:17)
21. All I Wanna Know (1:54)
22. Band Interview (8:35)

Total Playing Time: 56:32 (min:sec)
Total Size : 104.9 MB (110,027,783 bytes)



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Fuckemos - Can Kill You - 1994

Formed in Austin, Texas in the early 90's the Fuckemos reside in near-alien peculiarity, a hodgepodge of absolute originality, savant-wizardry, punk rock playfulness, and absurdity. The band owns the distinction of possessing a name not reprintable in most publications. Musically, this quartet is a hybrid of the aforementioned Butthole Surfers and the straightforward metal of acts like Judas Priest or Dio. With frontman Russell Porter pitch-shifting his vocals to sound like a 78 record played on 33 rpms and using themes that even Butthole Surfer Gibby Haynes might not have touched, the Fuckemos are perhaps one of the strangest metal bands to have emerged from planet Texas. They have also developed a career where many similarly silly or whimsical acts have not.

The band was the demented brainchild of Russell Porter and Ed "the Creep" Rancourt, who began writing songs using a toy guitar with a built-in speaker and a voice-altering microphone. Recording to a four-track, the duo began demoing material under the moniker Warthog 2001UK. When they were able to secure opening slots in Austin's scummiest dives, Porter was handling both vocals and drums. After an incident with security at Austin's famed Emo's nightclub in 1992 in which Porter tried to retrieve his wife from within the club after hours, he went home and sticker-taped the words "Fuck Emos" on his kick drum. The next morning, Warthog 2001UK became the Fuckemos. A simple story. Shortly after, Porter began handling vocals, trombone, and Casio exclusively, handing the drum reins to Sean Powell. Catching the ears of local pop artist Frank Kozik, the band recorded its first album, Fuckemos Can Kill You, in 1994, through Kozik's Rise Records (reissued via Man's Ruin in 1999).

Numerous singles and drunken, unrehearsed shows followed. In 1995, the band recorded the follow-up, Lifestyles of the Drugged & Homeless, on poster artist Lindsay Kuhn's No Lie imprint (now out of print). A year later, the band returned with Black Helicopters, later to be reissued on Man's Ruin. By 1997, Porter and Powell had gone through lineup changes too numerous to mention, but secured bass player -- and former Cherubs drummer -- Brent Prager and guitarist Brian McGee and created the oddball, upbeat Celebration!, their first album release through Man's Ruin. In 1999, Kozik reissued Can Kill You and Black Helicopters. The band followed in 2000 with Airshow 2000, perhaps its most involved and sophisticated recording.

Track List
1. Screams of the wild women (2:20)
2. Do You Wanna Dance (3:12)
3. I Can't Smell Joseppi (2:16)
4. 2 Punk 2 Fuck (2:17)
5. Work (2:23)
6. 80 Gay Sailors (3:16)
7. Berlin '45 (1:50)
8. Your Lies (2:07)
9. Fuck Emos (1:40)
10. Putrid Human Waste (2:53)
11. Pedophile (3:03)
12. Opus Russ (4:34)
13. Fuck Emos Play At Parties (2:23)

Total Playing Time: 34:18 (min:sec)
Total Size : 78.6 MB (82,372,233 bytes)

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Do Anything You Wanna Do - Die Toten Hosen

I'm gonna break out of the city
Leave the people here behind
Searching for adventure
It's the kind of life to find
Tired of doing day jobs
With no thanks for what I do
I know I must be someone
Now I'm gonna find out who

Why don't you ask them what they expect from you ?
Why don't you tell them what you're gonna do
You get so lonely, maybe it's better that way
It ain't you only, you got something to say
Do anything you wanna do
Do anything you wanna do

I don't need no politicians to tell me things I shouldn't be
Neither no opticians to tell me what I oughta see
No-one tells you nothing even when you know they know
They tell you what you should be
They don't like to see you grow

Why don't you ask them what they expect from you ?
Why don't you tell them what you're gonna do
You get so lonely, maybe it's better that way
It ain't you only, you got something to say
Do anything you wanna do
Do anything you wanna do

I'm gonna break out of the city
Leave the people here behind
Searching for adventure
It's the kind of life to find
Tired of doing day jobs
With no thanks for what I do
I know I must be someone
Now I'm gonna find out who

Why don't you ask them what they expect from you ?
Why don't you tell them what you're gonna do
You get so lonely, maybe it's better that way
It'ain't you only, you got something to say
Do anything you wanna do
Do anything you wanna do
Do anything you wanna do

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2 Minutos - En Vivo En Lima - 1998

Se me ha dado por recordar a esta genial banda argentina. Aquel año por fin terminaba el colegio, por razones que escaparon a mis posibilidades me perdí ese concierto que fue uno de los mejores que hicieron en este país, estaban presentando el Postal 97. Para redondear ese año la "U" salió campeon y como ya es costumbre un buen grupo de hinchas fue a alentarlos.
Por ahi encontre este conciertazo, pensaba postearlo de todos modos desde hace mucho pero como dice el mosca"Tarde pero seguro".

Track List
1. Valentin Alsina (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:49)
2. El Mejor Recuerdo (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:33)
3. Nada Que Hacer (Vivo En Lima 98) (1:29)
4. Cancion De Amor (Vivo En Lima 98) (1:55)
5. La Balanza (Vivo En Lima 98) (1:57)
6. Mosca De Bar (Vivo En Lima 98) (1:51)
7. Que Yeta (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:11)
8. Pelea Callejera (Vivo En Lima 98) (1:50)
9. La Marcha (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:07)
10. Copetin Al Paso (Vivo En Lima 98) (1:32)
11. Arrebato (Vivo En Lima 98) (1:58)
12. Tema De Adrian (Vivo En Lima 98) (3:26)
13. Los Chukis (Vivo En Lima 98) (3:07)
14. Como Caramelo De Limon (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:33)
15. 14 Botellas (Vivo En Lima 98) (1:32)
16. Todo Lo Miro (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:10)
17. Barricada (Vivo En Lima 98) (1:15)
18. Q.E.P.D. (Vivo En Lima 98) (1:06)
19. Odio Laburar (Vivo En Lima 98) (1:51)
20. La Ladrona (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:52)
21. Casa De Dos (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:09)
22. Mal Romance (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:50)
23. I Turned Into A Martian (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:32)
24. Amor Suicida (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:25)
25. Domingos (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:46)
26. Gatillo Facil (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:01)
27. Piñas Van Piñas Vienen (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:37)
28. Ya No Sos Igual (Vivo En Lima 98) (3:59)
29. Destino (Vivo En Lima 98) (3:45)
30. Los Ladrones (Vivo En Lima 98) (3:06)
31. Naif (Vivo En Lima 98) (4:01)
32. Que Mala Suerte (Vivo En Lima 98) (2:11)
33. El Se Va (Vivo En Lima 98) (1:57)

Total Playing Time: 78:41 (min:sec)
Total Size : 87.8 MB (92,043,822 bytes)



2 Minutos - En Vivo En El Salvador - 2001

Muy buen concierto realizado el 11 de Octubre de 2001 en el país que inspiró la cancion Surfer Punks (Aquaman) justamente en la que mosca agradece a toda la mara!!

Track List
1. Intro (Vivo En El Salvador) (1:08)
2. Amor Suicida (Vivo En El Salvador) (2:27)
3. Aquaman (Vivo En El Salvador) (2:10)
4. Lado Oscuro (Vivo En El Salvador) (2:27)
5. Vago (Vivo En El Salvador) (2:33)
6. Lejos Estoy (Vivo En El Salvador) (3:32)
7. Barricada Policial (Vivo En El Salvador) (1:17)
8. La Balanza (Vivo En El Salvador) (1:47)
9. Pobre Susana (Vivo En El Salvador) (2:47)
10. Destino (Vivo En El Salvador) (2:23)
11. Todo Lo Miro (Vivo En El Salvador) (2:24)
12. Marilyn (Vivo En El Salvador) (2:31)
13. Mosca De Bar (Vivo En El Salvador) (2:37)
14. Ya No Sos Igual (Vivo En El Salvador) (3:08)
15. La Marcha (Vivo En El Salvador) (2:20)
16. Piñas Van,Piñas Vienen (Vivo En El Salvador) (2:05)
17. Como Caramelo De Limon (Vivo En El Salvador) (2:50)
18. I Turned Into A Martian (Vivo En El Salvador) (1:29)

Total Playing Time: 42:06 (min:sec)
Total Size : 38.6 MB (40,466,005 bytes)
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V.A. - Pop Oi + Oi Oi Oi - 1993

Genial compilado, EnjOI !!

Track List
1. Situations - Slaughter And The Dogs (2:39)
2. Going Out - The Crack (3:08)
3. Ginger Cringe - The Hoopers (2:59)
4. Fighting The Sistem - Criminal Class (3:15)
5. Little Powers - Five-O (3:23)
6. American Oi! - American Eagle (1:50)
7. I Didn't Scare - The Kicker Boys (2:36)
8. England Belongs To Me - Cock Sparrer (2:12)
9. Nothing At All - Moonstomp (3:13)
10. Never Die - Guttersnipe Army (3:48)
11. Surf City - Foreign Legion (2:07)
12. Agony Of A Nation - The Strike (3:04)
13. Black Hat - The Madhatters (2:08)
14. Rubber Jenny - The Resort (3:09)
15. Out In The Cold - The Business (3:26)
16. Harry May - Frankie Flame (1:33)
17. Beat Of The Street - Section 5 (3:00)
18. Party Political Bullshit - Distorted Truth (2:27)
19. Johnny Barden's 89 - The Last Resort (3:41)
20. Those Days - Blitz (2:42)
21. Man At The Top - Close Shave (2:57)
22. One Of The Boys - Skinhead (3:33)
23. Don't Stop Me - The Crack (3:51)
24. Nothing To Shout About - Guitar Gangsters (2:06)
25. Fallout - Distorted Truth (2:34)
26. Get Out Of Our Way - Close Shave (3:08)
27. Boneshaker - The Boneshakers (2:56)

Total Playing Time: 77:36 (min:sec)
Total Size : 88.9 MB (93,188,736 bytes)


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Misfits - Who Killed Marilyn?

5:25 August fifth, 1962
Found her lying on her chest
Her face all turning blue
You think it was an overdose
But could it have been the pact
Could it have been the Kennedy's
Was it LAPD

It ain't a mystery
Baby not to me
Baby not to me

What a, what a, what a mystery
Rotted corpse, sex decay
Breasts all full of slugs
No answer for the accident
Her cunt has all dried up, you see

Make it seem a suicide
5:25 August fifth, 1962
Make it seem a suicide
Make it seem a suicide
It ain't a mystery

Make it seem a suicide
Baby not to me
Baby not to me
What a, what a, what a mystery
It ain't a mystery

What a, what a, what a mystery
Baby not to me
Baby not to me

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The Mahones - The Best Of - 2003

Banda Canadiense formada en Ontario en 1990. Segun su pagina oficial, el nombre de la banda se refiere a la banda Ramones, pero en un entrevista al Calgary Herald, Finny Mc Conell comentó que el nombre se basó en el nombre "Pogue Mahone" de la gran banda irlandesa The Pogues.
La banda fue influenciada por bandas com The Pogues, The Clash The Waterboys y Husker Dü.

Track List
1. Across the USA (3:23)
2. Draggin' the days (3:30)
3. Back Home (4:15)
4. Drunken Lazy Bastard (3:28)
5. Rise again (3:51)
6. Paint the Town Red (3:23)
7. Celtic Pride (4:33)
8. 100 Bucks (3:36)
9. Streets of New York (3:29)
10. When it comes around (3:06)
11. This old town (2:51)
12. Cocktail Blue (4:11)
13. Shake Hands with the Devil (3:45)
14. One last Shot (3:30)
15. Queen and Tequila (3:25)
16. Here comes Lucky (3:31)
17. Is this Bar open 'til tomorrow (4:03)

Total Playing Time: 61:57 (min:sec)
Total Size : 70.9 MB (74,373,714 bytes)
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Laurel Aitken - Rudi Got Married - 2008

Aitken, cuyo verdadero nombre era Lorenzo Aitken, nació en Cuba y era hermano del también cantante Bobby Aitken. Se trasladó a Jamaica con 11 años.

Emigró definitivamente a Inglaterra en los años 60, donde se le considera como el mayor representante de la música jamaicana y donde tiene una legión de seguidores entre los skinhead y otros fans del ska. Tuvo muchos éxitos entre los años 50 y los 70, mientras grababa para Blue Beat Records, Pama Records y Trojan Records, cantando en numerosos estilos jamaicanos como mento, calypso, ska, rock steady y reggae.

Incansable colaborador, ha dado conciertos con multitud de bandas de ska de los años 60, haciendo lo propio con el revival ska de la nueva ola de finales de los años 70, particularmente con grupos del sello 2 Tone, y con otros grupos de finales de los años 80 y de los 90, como The Busters, The Toasters o los españoles Malarians.

Aitken, que era conocido como Padrino del Ska y Jefe de los Skinhead, dio conciertos casi hasta su muerte. Sufrió una grave enfermedad seguida de un ataque de corazón un año antes de su muerte. Murió por otro ataque en Leicester, Inglaterra, el 17 de julio de 2005. Hay una placa en su honor en su casa de Leicester.

Track List
1. Rudie Got Married (3:24)
2. Honey Come Back To Me (3:40)
3. Big Fat Man (3:10)
4. It's Too Late (3:15)
5. Mad About You (3:04)
6. Sahara (2:19)
7. Skinhead (4:41)
8. Hey Little Girl (4:31)
9. Sally Brown (4:54)
10. Je T' amerai Toujours (3:33)
11. Eh Mon Amour (4:24)
12. Don't Turn Your Back (3:48)
13. I Love You, Yes I Do (3:35)
14. Peggy Sue (2:25)
15. Rude Boy Dream (3:28)
16. Hitchike (3:45)
17. Ringo The Gringo (4:33)
18. Skinhead (12' Edit) (6:24)

Total Playing Time: 69:01 (min:sec)
Total Size : 96.6 MB (101,298,462 bytes)



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