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The Entire History Of Punk - Vol 16-20

Coleccion de 20 discos de los cuales estos son los ultimos 5, los restantes lo pueden encontrar en Drunksongs http://drunksongs.blogspot.com
Los subi por si es que alguien mas queria completar la coleccion.

Disc 16
1.Cock SParrer - Argy Bargy
2.Sham69 Borstal Breakout
3.Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device (Live)
4.The 4 Skins - Low Life
5.The Boys - I Don't Care
6.Blitz - Warriors
7.Joolz - Jacknory
8.The Adverts - Gary Gilmores
9.Slaughter And The Dogs - Where Have All The Bootboys Gone
10.Special Duties - Police State
11.Knox - Streetheat
12.Iggy Pop - Search And Destroy
13.Morgans - Atishoo
14.The Adicts - Shake Rattle

1.The Bomb Party - Ray Gun
2.Scarehead - Ha Ha
3.Newtown Neurotics Blitzkrieg Bop
4.Chron Gen - Chronic Generation
5.Captain Sensible - Wot (Live)
6.Theater Of Hate - Rebel Without A Brain
7.Red London - Cnd
8.Ligotage Beki Bondage - Coming For You
9.Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles
10.Pauline Murray - Mr. X
11.The Vibrators - Jumping Jack Flash
12.Eater - Fifteen
13.The Drones - Be My Baby
14.The Lurkers - Cyanide
15.The Three Johns - Atom Drum Bop

Disc 18
1.Angelic Upstarts - The Murder Of The Liddle Towers
2.Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant
3.Chron Gen - Rality
4.Chelsea - The Last Time
5.Mc5 - Motor City Is Burning
6.Antinowhere League - Let's Break The Law
7.The Resurrection Experience - Do What I Do
8.Last Resort - King Of The Jungle
9.Chaos UK - Kill Your Baby
10.The Adicts - You'll Never Walk Alone
11.The Macc Lads - Nagasaki Sauce
12.iggy Pop - I Got Nothing I got Shit
13.The Gonads - I Lost My Love To A UK Sub
14.The 4 Skins - One Law For Them

1.Hugh Cornwell - For Whats It Worth
2.Sid Vicious - My Way
3.Brix Smith - Space Oddity
4.Gene October - I Fought The Law
5.Public Menace - Teenage Kicks
6.Sexgang Children - As TearsGo By
7.Hazel O'connor - Summertime
8.Skalette Ohara - Barbed Wire
9.Spike - Heartbreaker
10.Pauline Murray - Free Money
11.Dork - 50th Queenie
12.Arthur Brown - A Hard Rains Gonna Fall

Disc 20
01 King Kurt - Slammers
02 Guana Batz - See Through
03 Demented Are Go - Transvestite Blues
04 Frantic Flintstones - Let's Go Somewhere
05 The Highliners - Wooly Bully (live)
06 The Deltas - Whip It Up
07 Coffin Nails - Coffin Nails
08 Scared Stiff - Jhonny Cynic
09 The Tailgators- Should I Stay Or Should I Go
10 Batmobile - Bambooland (live)
11 The Stingrays - Militant Tendency
12 The Batfinks - Raisin Hell
13 Guana Batz- I'm On Fire

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